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      BCS-PVC/TPO single ply flexible roofing system



      This roofing system integrates almost all necessary functions such as thermal insulation, waterproof, trapping, water drainage, daylighting, ventilation, lighting, roof greening and energy supply. Single ply roofing system has been a main roofing system of flat roof deck construction in western countries. As a mature system, it has been used in most of low non-housing building for almost 50 years. In China, single ply roofing is the development tendency of public, commercial,  industrial and civil building. It is the best choice under the environment of low carbon emission and green building in China.

      BCS淺色單層柔性屋面系統可以集成保溫、防水、隔氣、排水、采光、通風、照明、屋頂綠化及能源供應等多種功能。單層屋面系統在歐美等西方國家已經成為平屋面工程中最主要的屋面系統形式,并且在低層非住宅建筑的屋面系統中占了絕大多數的份額 ,是一種非常成熟的系統技術,已經有近50年的歷史。在中國 ,單層屋面是公共商業、工業、民用建筑屋面的發展趨勢 ,是在當前中國大力倡導低碳經濟綠色建筑的環境下屋面系統的最佳選擇。

      As a professional integrator of building system, BCS can provide an integrated systematical solution which includes materials support,design, construction,skill training and after-sale quality service.

      作為專業建筑系統集成商,BCS可以提供從材料供應、 方案設計、施工安裝,相關技術培訓到售后質保等一體化系統解決方案。



      Waterproof material of system系統用防水材料 

      PVC防水卷材(Polyvinyl chloride plastic sheets for waterproofing)

      PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride)即聚氯乙烯,是以聚氰乙烯樹脂為主要原料,添加抗汪移增塑劑,尺寸穩定劑、光穩定劑、紫外線吸收劑等多種助劑 ,通過精確控料配比,經壓延擠出工藝形成的高性能防水卷材.

      PVC is made of vinyl chloride resin and many adjuvants such as migration plasticizer resistance, size stabilizer, light stabilizer and ultraviolet ray absorber, By accurately controlled ratio of material, the raw material can be produced for high quality water proof coiled material by rolling technology.

      該材料擁有優異的柔韌性、 伸展性以及耐候性。

      Excellent flexibility, stretching and weather resistance

      通過熱風焊接處理接縫 ,接縫強度等于或高于母材 ,形成連續的整體防水層。

      By hot jet welding,the seam Strength is better than base material to form a whole waterproof layer.


      Great dimensional stability and low temperature flexible,


      Good recyclable.


      Resistance of root puncturing for roof garden.


      TPO防水卷材(Thermoplastic polyolefin sheets for waterproofing)

      TPO(Thermoplastic Polyolefin)即熱塑性聚烯烴,是以橡膠類彈性體與聚烯烴類化合物為基料 ,添加抗氧劑 ,抗老化劑,紫外線吸收劑等作為輔料,并采用先進加工工藝成型的新型防水卷材。

      TPO is made of rube and polyolefin compounds with many adjuvants such as antioxidants, anti-aging agents, ultraviolet ray absorber to produce innovated water proof coiled material with advanced processing technology.

      該材料既具有橡膠的長期耐候性和耐久性 ,又具聚烯烴的可焊接性。

      Long term weathering resistance and durability as rube and weldability like polyolefin.

      該材料采用特定配方 ,不加任何增塑劑 ,也不含氯。

      Specific formula, without plasticizer or chlorine.


      Recyclable, environment friendly low carbon material.


      Resistance of root puncturing for roof garden,



      Thermal insulation material of system系統用保溫材料



      ,再噴入少量粘結劑固化,加工成不同規格和用途的產品。巖棉容重范圍為30kg/m3-200kg/m3,應用于淺色單層柔性屋面系統中的巖棉一般選擇180 kg/m3以上的。

      Rockwool is made of natural rock. After a 1450 C melting process and produced by high speed centrifuging and a bit of adhesive,the rock material can be processed into many kinds of products. The unit weight of rock wool is between 30kg/m3 and 200kg/m3.In our system, a 180 kg/m3 or more is the normal choice.

      巖棉導熱系數小 ,保溫隔熱性能好 ,節能效果突出。

      Rock wool has a low heat conductivity,good thermal insulation and brilliant energy saving performance.


      Excellent fire protection, do not produce toxic gas or molten dropping.


      Good performance of noise reducing. It is a good multihole acoustic material.


      The hydrophobicity is more than 98%. Low water absorption, no capillary percolation.

      化學穩定性好 ,可保證長期使用。

      Reliable chemical property, long term usage assurance.

      綠色建材,不含石棉 ,對人體無害。

      Green constructional material, no asbestos,not to be harmful to human body.

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