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      BCS-Solar fasteners system solution for PVC/TPO single-ply roofing



      The product description產品描述

      BCS solar fasteners is specially developed for the installation of solar power station in the single-ply roofing system. This product can be used in common with all PVC/TPO single-ply roofing in the market, and is perfectly combined. The purpose of product research and development is to avoid users from adopting perforated fixings and eliminate the potential safety risks of roof leakage.

      BCS 太陽能支架是針對單層柔性屋面系統安裝太陽能發電站特別研發的產品,本產品能與市場上所有PVC/TPO單層柔性屋面通用,并完美結合,產品研發的目的是解決避免用戶采用穿孔固定件,消除屋面使用的滲漏安全隱患。

      Product material產品材質

      The base of BCS solar fasteners is made of PVC/TPO material, and the top metal part is made of aluminum alloy

      BCS 太陽能支架底座是PVC/TPO材質,頂部金屬件是鋁合金材質

      Product advantages產品優點

      w Same as roofing waterproof rolling material, completely compatible;

      w   與屋面防水卷材材質相同,完全兼容;

      w No perforated fixing parts, reducing the risk of roof leakage;

      w   無穿孔式固定件,降低屋面漏水風險;

      w Double welded edge design, super resistance to stretch and wind stripping ability;

      w   雙焊接邊設計,超強的抵抗伸縮及抗風揭能力;

      w Super weather resistance, uv resistance;

      w   超強的耐候性、耐紫外線能力;

      w Hot air welding, no need to fire, high construction safety;

      w   采用熱風焊接,無需動火,施工安全性高;

      w Strong drawing force and compression resistance;

      w   具備超強的拉拔力和抗壓能力;

      w Environmentally friendly and recyclable.

      w   環保及可循環使用。

      The construction technology 施工工藝

      w Before construction, the surface of PVC/TPO roofing waterproof rolling shall be cleaned to ensure that there is no dirt, oil and other impurities on the surface of the roofing waterproof rolling;

      w BCS Solar Fasteners在施工前,需對施工部位的PVC/TPO卷材表面進行清潔,確保施工部位卷材表面無灰塵、油污等雜質;

      w The correct welding method should be adopted, and professional hot air welding gun should be used to operate synchronously with pressing roller and other tools.

      w BCS Solar Fasteners焊接時需采用正確的焊接方式,并使用專業的熱風焊槍配合壓輥等工具同步操作;

      w Construction should avoid rain and low temperature (below + 5 ), and other bad weather.

      w BCS Solar Fasteners施工時應避免雨天、低溫(+5℃以下)等其他惡劣天氣。

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